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City Attorney Legal Opinions

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When he first took office in January 2002, City Attorney Dennis Herrera re-established the practice of making many of his office's legal opinions available to the public. Public opinions prepared during Herrera's tenure in office are posted below.

To learn more about how the City Attorney's Office goes about preparing these legal opinions, you may download the PDF entitled "Procedures and Guidelines for Issuing City Attorney Opinions."  And to learn more about when the City Attorney's Office issues confidential legal opinions and the reasons and procedures for doing so, you may review the PDF entitled "Disclosure of Attorney-Client Privileged Advice from the City Attorney's Office" from Aug. 20, 2009.

Legal Opinions and Notable Memoranda

[From 2002 to the present, in reverse-chronological order]


Annual Reports of the Supervisor of Records

Section 67 of the San Francisco Administrative Code (the "Sunshine" ordinance) designates the City Attorney as the Supervisor of Records, with the duty to hear appeals from responses to public records requests.  Annual reports of the Supervisor of Records can be found here.

Historical Archive of Published City Attorney Opinions

Prior to 1992, the City Attorney's Office issued numbered public legal opinions. Opinions issued before 1987 were published in bound volumes, which are available at the San Francisco Public Library. The historical archive of published City Attorney Opinions provided here is comprised of scanned versions, in Adobe Acrobat PDF, of public numbered opinions dating prior to 1992 that were not published in bound volumes. It is important to note that the conclusions and analyses in those earlier opinions may no longer apply due to changes in the law or facts, or because they have been otherwise superseded. Accordingly, readers are cautioned not to rely on those opinions.

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