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Requests for Proposals

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 2 current RFPs: Emergency and non-emergency restoration and reconstruction services; Litigation support services

The City Attorney’s Office is looking for qualified vendors to provide emergency and non-emergency restoration and reconstruction services.

Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m. (PST) on May 9, 2014. Postmarks will
not be considered in judging the timeliness of submissions. Proposals may be delivered in
person and left with the Office's receptionist or mailed to:

Matthew J. Rothschild
Chief of Claims Division
San Francisco City Attorney's Office
1390 Market Street, 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

The proposal shall be typed on white, letter-sized recycled paper, with double-sided print to the maximum extent practical, with each copy bound individually. To respond to this RFP, a candidate must submit (1) electronic pdf copy on CD or DVD; and three (3) hard copies of its proposal in a sealed envelope that is clearly marked Emergency and Non-Emergency Mitigation Services For Litigation Purposes on or before the 5:00 p.m., May 9, 2014 submission deadline.

The deadline for submission of written questions or requests for clarification is April 9, 2014.

Click here to view the complete RFP (.pdf format), including the scope of work and detailed submission requirements.

Click here to view the master agreement (.pdf format) to be executed between the vendor and the City and County.

Answers to subsequent inquiries:

Is this RFP subject to prevailing wage? If so, what will be the wage and hour designations? At the time of issuance of a task order, the City will make that determination depending on the scope of work requested.

Is the Master Agreement above a take-it-or-leave-it contract, or can we comment/edit? Provisions of the Master Agreement can be negotiated after award.

Is any type bonding required? No bonding is required to bid. Performance and payment bonds may be required post award depending upon the scope of work requested.

Was there or will there be a job walk or mandatory pre bid meeting? There will be no job walk because there is no pending emergency or defined job site. There will be no pre-bid meeting. The deadline for submission of written questions or requests for clarification is April 9, 2014. Answers are posted on the City's website: www.sfcityattorney.org

What, if any, is the ramification if the response time is not met?
A. To be responsive, a proposal must warrant that the proposer is capable of performing the task as stated in the RFP.
B. In performance of the contract work, failure to meet the required response time will be reviewed on a case by case basis under the parameters of each executed contract and exigent circumstances to determine whether the vendor is qualified and competent to respond to emergencies.

Immediate responders: Capable of being on site within one hour of emergency service call:
1. Damage verification and itemization of total and partial loss items
2. Damage documentation, video, and photography
Is the expected work product a listing/inventory of affected personal property AND a defined scope of damage to real property? We think this documentation may include photos, video, and metrics that measure damage to real property, is this correct? The task is broadly defined. We encourage you to include such capabilities in your proposal.

What licenses will be required to perform the Environmental Remediation RFP? (Typically the licenses listed below are required to perform environmental remediation work in California)
Licenses A, B, C21, C35, C61/D63, ASB, HAZ, and valid DOSH Registration and City & County of San Francisco Business Registration. The licensing requirement will depend upon the emergency situation and the work required. Proposers should identify all licenses they possess.

Will certified payroll be a requirement of the emergency remediation and claim validation services? The certified payroll requirements will depend upon the emergency situation and the work required.

Will it be necessary for the contractor performing the emergency remediation to be signatory to the Laborers Union due to any building requirements? Please see previously posted response regarding payment of prevailing wages.

With respect to specific provisions of the Master Services Agreement:

Section 1: Will the appropriation of funds be confirmed prior to dispatch of emergency remediation services? What assurances will the contractor have of being compensated prior to dispatch of emergency services prior to dispatch? The City will not dispatch without funding in place.

Section 16a: While the indemnification is linked to negligence, it’s not proportionate to contractor's negligence. Furthermore, the defense language implies that the contractor would have to defend the City against claims related to contractor's services even if they were not negligent. Are these terms negotiable, e.g. such that indemnification and defense are ultimately proportionate to negligence? This may be negotiated during the contract award process.

Section 17: Due to the nature of emergency response work is not usual and customary for the contractor to assume any liability for incidental and/or consequential damages. Will the incidental and consequential damages be removed from the contract for emergency remediation? This may be negotiated during the contract award process.

Section 17: In the MSA above, the contractor is responsible for consequential damages resulting from their acts or omissions even they are not at fault (that is, this section is not tied to contractor's negligence). This may be negotiated during the contract award process.

Section 20(b) Liquidated Damages: At what rate will the liquidated damages be assessed for emergency remediation services? This may be negotiated during the contract award process.

Thank you. We look forward to your response.


The City Attorney's Office is soliciting qualifications to create a pre-qualified list of litigation support firms that may be selected to perform three categories of services:

(1) Basic Paper Copying and Scanning
(2) Document Imaging, Coding and Printing
(3) Electronic Discovery

Respondents are encouraged to respond only for those service areas in which experience and qualifications can be demonstrated. This may include one, two, or all three of the service areas described in Section 2 of this RFQ. The Qualified Respondents will have the opportunity to enter into a contract to perform any or all of the work in the three specified categories. The City Attorney's Office is not guaranteeing any minimum amount of work to any Respondent who is determined to be a Qualified Respondent and enters into a contract.

Download the full RFQ here, and the model fee schedule for copying and scanning services here.

Responses to the RFQ are due no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, May 30, 2014.

We look forward to receiving your response to the RFQ. If you have any questions about this RFQ, please contact Mary Jane Winslow of the City Attorney's Office.

Last updated: 4/24/2014 4:06:27 PM